Tips for Toast

Tips for Toast is a program that was started at Greenfield as a way of receiving donations for our Breakfast Program.  Before HotLunches, we had “paper” ordering for our lunch program.  Parents could round up the amount owing for lunches (e.g. $12.45 to $13.00) as a way for providing support to the Breakfast Program.   These small amounts went a long way to seeing that our Breakfast Program had the dollars it needed to provide breakfast each day for every student who wanted it.

With the change to the Hotlunches online ordering system, we still have Tips for Toast.  Parents who wish to contribute to the Breakfast Program can select the Tips for Toast option in the HotLunches menu which is on the last ordering day of each month.

As our school community knows, we have a wonderful Breakfast Program.  It is supported and managed by a wonderful group of volunteers who provide a healthy breakfast to our students.  Although some government dollars are provided to school breakfast programs, this does not cover the amount needed to run the program.  Please consider contributing to Tips for Toast.

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