October HotLunches Menu

The HotLunches menu for October is now up and open for ordering.

  1.  The menu is open until October 2nd at midnight.  Please have your orders in by this time.  Late orders will not be accepted.
  2. If you are paying by cash or cheque, please have it to the office by Monday, October 3rd.
  3. The menu includes the dates of Monday, October 3rd to Monday, October 31st inclusive.
  4. Thursday, October 2oth is Free Milk day.  Any child who wants milk (white or chocolate) on that day will receive it.  Teachers will take orders on  the day before in their classrooms.  You can not order online.  Thank you to the School Milk Program!
  5. Parents may not know that the garlic finger offered on Mondays from Domino’s is the same size as a pizza slice.  We have some children ordering one of each and it does seem like a lot for some of our younger students.
  6. Please let Amy or Mrs. Jay know if you need any help with ordering or have any questions about the program.
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