April Menu Changes – Again!

The menu for April has been a challenge and I apologize for the inconvenience. My brain is still on March Break and not quite ready for school tasks.

I think it is correct now.  Because ordering has started, changes cannot be made as orders are in and an item can not be deleted once someone has placed an order for it.

The initial error was that April 8th and April 22 were put in as P.D. Days.  The P.D. Days are April 15th and April 29th. If you ordered on April 8th and April 22nd, you will have to delete those orders and order for April 15th and 29th.

The second error was that the wrong menu was put in for April 8th.  Please only order the Lasagna or Chicken Nuggets on that day, even though other menu items appear.

Please call the office if you have any difficulty with this and we will work to get it right.


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