April Menu

We hope everyone is enjoying their March Break!

The April Hotlunches Menu is active and ordering can begin. Here are some important notes:

  1. The deadline to have orders in is Sunday, April 3rd at midnight.

2.  We have been refining the menu.  Both Pita Pit and Captain Sub have white and whole wheat bread offerings which you will see when you order their items.  They also offer gluten-free breads but they are $1.00 more expensive than the regular items.  If you would like to order gluten-free items from Pita Pit or Captain Sub, please send those orders to the office. Note – Gluten-free pizza is available from Domino’s on Mondays.  These orders need to come to the office as well.

3.  The new menu offering on Friday’s from Greco, Chicken Nuggets with Rice, can now be ordered with white rice or rice with soya flavoring.

3.  Tips for Toast appears on the last menu day of the month – Friday, April 29th.  Please consider contributing if you can.  Contributions provide great support to our Breakfast Program.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience and support as we developed this online ordering program.  We feel that we have great lunch options for our students.  Our suppliers do a great job for us and the online ordering greatly reduces the management of this for teachers and administration.

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