Science Fair Winners


Our Greenfield Elementary Science Fair was held on Tuesday,
March 8, 2016.  There were wonderful, creative projects! Our 11 judges had a challenging time making decisions on which projects will go on to the Provincial Science Fair on Tuesday, April 5th at UPEI.

Here are their selections:

Grade 6
1st – Leah Johnson – The Perfect Pitch
2nd – Callie McAlduff and Mairi Laureiji – Flouride vs Tooth Decay
3rd – Keira Dugay and Phoebe MacLean – Magnetic Fluid

Grade 5
1st – Ashlynn Meisner – Clean Air?
2nd – Lauren Johnston – How does Hair Color work?
3rd -Will Ramsay and Matthew Sevigny – Spud Lamp- Electricity from Potatoes

Grade 4
1st – Bree McAlduff and Ava Pomeroy – Static Electricity
2nd – Brianna Steele – Combine Harvesters – Science of threshing
3rd – Jonas Binkley – Water you Looking At? (Reverse Illusions)

Honorable Mentions:

Grade 4 – Roshandra Stetson –Hang Up and Drive Safely
Grade 5 – Robyn Lough and Kenten Matthews – Jelly Bean Taste Testing
Grade 5 – Hayden Chappell – What Makes Pop React to Mint Mentos?
Grade 5/6 – Sydney Arsenault and Nathan Green – Soda Eruption
Grade 6 – Kaitlyn Smith – Battle of the 6th Graders

Congratulations to all our Science Fair participants.  You have provided interesting projects for the rest of our Greenfield students to enjoy and to learn from.  All projects will be display in the library during Parent-Teacher Interviews.

A big “Thank You” goes to Mrs. Hardy for her hard work organizing the Science Fair!

Missing from the photo: Sydney Arsenault

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