Parking Lot Safety

We have had concerns expressed about morning drop-off and we  have observed what is happening over the past few days. For everyone’s safety and convenience we ask that parents or others who are dropping children off in the morning follow these guidelines:

  1.  If you are simply dropping your child off in the morning, use the drop-off lane (the lane in front of the line of parked cars).  Please do this as quickly as possible and have your child to use the crosswalk for their safety.
  2. If you are bringing your child into the school or even to the door, you must park your vehicle in a parking spot before coming into the school.  We have parents who are parking in the drop-off lane and coming into the school.  This is inconvenient and a frustration for others.  Parents are waiting to see if the vehicle is going to move and after a period of time, realize there is no driver and are then trying to pull around these vehicles.  We have had some unsafe situations as a result of this.   Please park, if you are coming into the school.

We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines.

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