January Hotlunches!

The January Hotlunches menu is up.

The date your orders need to be in: Sunday, January 3rd at midnight. I am sure many parents would like to have this out of the way before the holidays begin.

Important notes:

  1. January orders can be paid for in the first week back at school in January.
  2.  When there is a Storm Day and no school, on most occasions the orders will be cancelled and parents will see credit back in their Hotlunches account.  You should see a credit in your account if you had an order for December 15th.  An exception will be Wednesday orders for Borrowed Kitchen.  As their preparation schedule begins the day before, they are unable to cancel orders but they donate our orders to the Food Bank.  Another exception may be early closures as food may be prepared and on its way before the closure is called.  We will try to get orders to students if we can but this may not be possible.
  3.  If anyone is having difficulty with the Hotlunches program, please call the office and speak to Mrs. Olscamp or Mrs. Jay.  We will help solve the problem.
  4. Tips for Toast appears on Friday, January 29th.


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