Parent Representative Needed for Family of Schools Advisory Council

As part of the recent changes in education, Family of Schools Advisory Councils will be established. These nine advisory councils will meet three times a year, and will meet annually with the Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture on education matters. Our Greenfield Home and School needs to choose a representative for the Three Oaks Family of Schools District Advisory Council. Our representative should be prepared to attend all meetings, to report the concerns of our home and school to the council, to work collaboratively with other council members, and to report back to our local home and school on what is discussed at council meetings.

Any parent who wishes to be our representative on this council is welcome to put their name forward. Because of the short notice this year, our Home and School Executive will make a decision as to who will be our representative. The term will be until June 2016, and we will put a plan in place to select a representative for next fall.

We are hoping our parents will give this consideration as it is an important opportunity for involvement and to have our interests and concerns at Greenfield heard. If interested, you can send an email to: by Tuesday, December 15th. The first meeting of the Three Oaks Family of Schools District Advisory Council will be in January.

For more information on the Advisory Councils:

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