Parent Page Added to Website

A “Parent Page” has been added to our website.  It has three items at this point:

  1. Survival Guide for Head Lice
  2. Storm Day Notice for Parents
  3. Hotlunches Sign-up Information

The Storm Day Notice was sent home to all families a week or so ago, but it is here for reference if parents need to check the information.

The Survival Guide for Head Lice will be very helpful to parents if their child has head lice or if they need to check them for head lice.  As some parent will already know, when a case of head lice is confirmed in a classroom, a notice is sent home with all the students in the class.  This notice asks parents to check their child for lice.  Lice is not a welcome visitor to any school or home but, unfortunately, at times we do have to deal with it.  I would recommend that parents speak to a pharmacist before purchasing a product to treat lice.  They have the best information on what products will work the best.

As the year goes on, more information will be added to the Parent Page.

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