Our First Day Back

A new school year is about to begin. This is how we see our first morning unfolding:

* Our Kindergarten students being sent directly to their classrooms as they arrive in the lobby – Ms. Gaudet (English) and Mme. Monique (French Immersion)
* Our Grade 1’s will be directed to the cafeteria to meet their teachers.
* Grades 2-6 will be directed to the gym to find their class and teacher.

At a certain point, an announcement will be made for the students in the gym to make their way to their classrooms with their teachers. At this point, all parents who have brought their children to school should be on their way so that teachers can begin their work with their new classes.

Parents who do drop their children off are asked to follow the parking lot signs and to use the greatest caution as buses and students arrive.

Some reminders for the first week:

1. Teachers will be collecting an agenda fee of $ 5.00. Parents should send this in as soon as they can.

2. Forms that will be going home this week:
– Low- Risk Activities
– Computer Use Agreement

3. The Greenfield 2015-2016 Parent Package will ready later in the week.

4. Meet the Teacher will be held on Thursday, September 10th at 6:30. The Greenfield Family Picnic will be held the following Wednesday, September 16th (4:30-6:30).

See you all tomorrow!

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