Lunch Menu for April

First of all, thank you to all our parents and extended families, for your great cooperation and patience today. I think we did very well and certainly got our students back to learning which was our goal.

There will be a notice posted soon to say what our situation for transportation will be tomorrow.

Regarding our lunch menu for April:

Our menu was prepared and printed before the changes to the school calendar were made. That being said, we will be making plans for those two additional days in April. For milk, we will be having two “Free Milk” days on Friday, April 17th and Friday, April 24th. As we know, due to storm days much milk was ordered and paid for but missed. For food options on those days, we are working on it. It may mean an extra pizza day or another option. Information will be coming on what is decided.

Please complete the April menus as they are.

Thank you and stayed tuned!

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