Alternate Transportation Plan – March 26

Alternate Student Transportation Plan for Greenfield School

Morning Arrival: 8:15

As buses will not be running to Greenfield and students will be dropped off, parents can use the busing lane. They can drive along the outside of the parking lot and pull up at the entrance and let children out. Staff members in safety vests will be outdoors to ensure that students leave vehicles and enter the school safely. Parents who have dropped students off should proceed out of the parking lot to allow the traffic to proceed.

If you must come into the school, you should park your vehicle in a parking space and cross at the crosswalk to come into the school.

* We ask that parents take their time in the parking lot and be vigilant for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Afternoon Dismissal:

2:40 – Students who are walking. This will allow students who are walking to be safely on their way. Staff will accompany these students to the designated walking paths to ensure they leave the property safely.

Students who are being picked up will then be dismissed based on the following schedule:

2:45 – Grade Kindergarten to Grade 2 and their siblings.

3:00 – Students in Grade 3 to 6

Children who are being picked up will be dismissed to the lobby with their teachers and can leave with a designated adult. Adults picking up children should park in an appropriate parking space and come into the school. We cannot allow children to go unsupervised to the parking lot.

As buses are not running, there should be ample space in the parking lot. Again we ask that drivers be vigilant for pedestrians and other vehicles.

* We ask that parents do not arrive early to wait in the lobby as this will cause congestion as we allow walkers to leave. Please follow the timelines provided above.

Other Notes:
It is Day 6 on our schedule
Captain Subs will be available for students.

We look forward to seeing our students tomorrow!

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