Morning Arrival

We are having challenges with students arriving at school before the breakfast program begins. 

Students who walk to school or are dropped off at school should not arrive any earlier that 8:15.  Students should not expect to enter the school before this time. We do have a bus that arrives at the school at about 8:10 to 8:15.  On occasion it may be a few minutes earlier, but this does not mean all students can enter the school at that time. It seems that our arrival time has been “drifting” earlier and earlier.  Our concern is that there is adequate supervision when students arrive in the morning.

It is quite a challenge to keep close to 400 hundred children in our cafeteria and lobby area for what is turning out to be 25 minutes each morning.  We hope we will have parents support with this.

 Please respect the 8:15 timeline.

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