End Of Week Notes

Another busy week has passed us by here at Greenfield. We had “Backward Day on Toonie Tuesday.  This coming week we have “Favorite Team Day” so wear your favorite team’s hat, jersey, socks, jacket, or all of the above, and don’t forget your toonie for our Christmas Hampers.

Report cards are on their way home so have a look in school bags for them.  Our students and teachers have been working hard to cover curriculum expectations.  Report cards share important information how students are doing and our teachers take great care to provide accurate information and comments on student progress. Please let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions.

As well, check for the latest newsletter that went home today. One item in the newsletter is a request for support on Tuesday and Friday mornings for the Breakfast Program.  If you have any time to give, please consider signing up for these days.

Kindergarten registration was this week. If it was missed, we would encourage parents to come in to register their child as soon as they can.  Parents can come to the school during the school day and register them here. If you know a parent has a child to register for the coming school year, please share this information.  It is very helpful to us to have this information for planning.

Friday, November 22nd is a Professional Development Day.  All staff are involved in a variety of activities to enhance our skills for our work here at Greenfield.

We hope you all enjoy the weekend.



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