Important Notes for Next Week

We have a busy week coming up. Here are some important notes:

  1.  PJ Day on Monday!
  2. Money for the Caps game and the movie must be in on Monday as we need to confirm numbers. The cost is $10.00 per child in total!
  3. Candy Cane O Grams must be in on Monday.  At the bottom of this post is the form if you do not have one at home. They are $1.00 each.  Be sure to include the child’s first and last name!
  4. The Caps game and the movie are school-wide events. All staff and students will be attending.
  5.  Tuesday and it is is Free Milk Day and Christmas Spirit Day.
  6. Please pay your HotLunches orders for December.  The January menu will be posted over the holidays and you will be unable to order unless your account is paid up. The deadline for orders will be past before we return to school in January.
  7. HotLunches for Wednesday will be here before students go to the movie theater.
  8. There are no HotLunches on Thursday.  Students need to bring a packed lunch.

Winners for the Home and School Christmas Baskets were:

Vicki La Rose-Blais and Mark Hickey.

Form and information for Candy Cane O Grams (or a sheet of paper clearly marked for a Candy Cane O Gram will work):


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Christmas Concert Notes!

Everything is just about ready for our Christmas Concert! There is a dress rehearsal tomorrow morning for all students and staff. Mrs. MacIsaac Gallant and the students have been working hard. All indicators are that it will be a delightful concert.

Here are some important notes:

  1. Ensure that your children come rested, ready and dressed for the concert!
  2. The concert begins at 1:15. We will open the door at 12:30 after our students come in from outdoors recess.
  3. Take care with parking. We appreciate that our parking spaces are limited but please do not be too creative and be sure that you park in appropriate and safe areas.
  4. There will be seating available. We hope as many guests as possible will take a seat as it works best for everyone.
  5. Please be respectful of the students’ performances and hard work. Turn your cell phones off and keep noise to a minimum so that all can enjoy the concert.
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Free Milk Day

Tuesday, December 17th will be Free Milk Day at Greenfield.  Students who wish to have milk that day, either white or chocolate, will have it with their lunch.

Parents who ordered milk in HotLunches for December 17th will see a credit to their account.

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Christmas Plans at Greenfield

We wish to share the Christmas activities we have planned for the coming two weeks:

  1. Our Christmas Concert is this Thursday, December 12th.  The doors will open at 12:30 and the concert begins at 1:15.  All students in Grade K to 3 will be participating.  Teachers have sent home information regarding the costumes that students will need.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your child’s teacher.
  2. On Tuesday, December 10th, Holland College Performing Arts will be doing a presentation for all our students in Grades K to 3 in the gym.
  3. Monday, December 16th will be PJ/Cozy Day.

  4. Tuesday, December 17th is Christmas Spirit day.

  5. On Wednesday, December 18, all students and staff will be going to the movie theater to see Frozen 2 (This is not a 3D movie). We are excited as it is our first movie event with our students. We will have one theater for Grades K to 3 and another theater for Grades 4 to 6. As the movie will start at 12:00, students will have their lunch early.  We will be allowing our Grade 4 – 6 students to go to the concession stand if they wish.
  6. On Thursday, December 19th, Greenfield students and staff will be joining a number of schools for a Summerside Capitals hockey game.  There is no charge to get into the game. The game begins at 11:00.  Students will need to bring a packed lunch.$10.00 per child is the total cost for these events.  This includes the movie, the Caps game and busing to and from the theater and the hockey game. Teachers will be sending home further information.
  7. On Friday, December 20th, our Breakfast Program will be providing a special Christmas breakfast for all students. As well, there are many special activities planned for this day our last school day before the holidays.

We are looking forward to celebrating the Christmas Season at Greenfield!

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Last Call for December HotLunches!

Tonight at midnight is the deadline for December HotLunches.

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Help Keep Our Playground Clean!

We are looking for support from our parents and Greenfield community with a problem that has been getting worse and is affecting our recess times outdoors.

We are fortunate to have a large green space for our students to play.  However, many others are seeing our playground as a place to let their dogs run.  When these dogs “do their business,” their owners are not “scooping” and they are leaving the mess behind.  Some do scoop but will leave the bag behind.  We are having many situations with children or staff stepping in this mess or having to pick bags up off the playground.

We will be getting signage put up to encourage the respectful use of our playground.  Any other support for this would be welcome.

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Reminder – December HotLunches Order!

A friendly reminder, everyone, that orders for HotLunches for December are due!

Orders must be in by Sunday, December 1st at midnight.

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December HotLunches Menu – Now Open!

The menu for December HotLunches is now up and open for ordering. It is a couple of days later than usual but report cards kept us busy!

Important notes about this month’s menu:

  1. The deadline for ordering is Sunday, December 1st at midnight.
  2. You will be unable to order unless you have paid for November’s order.  Parent should be aware that we do expect that lunches are paid for by Friday of the first week of the menu. Unfortunately, we have many parents who do not follow this guideline.  For this menu, all lunches should be paid for by Friday, December 6th.
  3. There is no menu for Friday, December 6th.  This is a Professional Development Day.
  4. There are no lunches for Thursday, December 19th. Our school will be attending the Summerside Capitals game that day.  It begins at 11:oo so we are expecting that all students bring a packed lunch that day.
  5. The prices of lunches from Greco on Friday have increased by 10 cents.  We have requested that Greco use packaging that is more  friendly for the environment other than styrofoam as this goes into waste.  The new packaging can be composted but the cost is a little more.
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Red and Green Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Red and Green Day! It is our last Gator Giving Day so bring along a  toonie or loonie if you can.  We have had great support for Christmas Baskets so thank you to all our families for their generosity.

We are starting into the Christmas season and plans are under way for a special month.  Information will be coming home as we get closer to the dates.

Our Christmas Concert is on December 12th at 1:15.  Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 will participate.

Report Cards for our first term will be coming home with students tomorrow!

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PJ’s Cozy Clothes Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our third Gator Giving Day.  It is PJ’s or cozy clothes for everyone!

Bring a toonie or a loonie if you can.

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