Cross Country Highlights!

Again this year, our Cross Country Team had great results at the zone meet.  This means we have many students who will be running at the Provincial Cross Country Meet on October 20th. Here are the highlights:

  • Novice Girls finished 1st overall with 11 of our girls finishing in the top 20.
  • Novice Boys and Pre-Novice Girls were 2nd overall .
  • Pre-Novice Boys were in 3rd place overall.

There are 32 Greenfield runners attending Provincials this year.  Great work runners and Mrs. Webster – we are proud of you!



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Cross Country Zone Meet

Students who are on our Greenfield Cross Country Team have been working hard with Mrs. Webster at noon practices to get ready for the run.

The Cross Country Zone Meet is at Cabot Park on Tuesday, October 9th. This is the day after the Thanksgiving Holiday so put it on your calendars!

The bus will leave Greenfield at approximately 9:00 AM and will return at about 12:30 PM (The raindate is Wednesday, October 10th).  Here is the schedule for the Zones:

10:20 – Pre-novice Girls
10:45 – Pre-novice Boys
11:05 – Special Olympians
11:20 – Novice Boys
11:45 Novice Girls

As per the forms that parents signed and returned, those students who qualify will go to the Provincials on October 20th. 

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HotLunches for October – Orders Due!

Ordering for HotLunches for October closes tonight at midnight.

This menu covers the dates of October 1st to November 2nd.

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Friday Notes!

Hi, everyone, here are some notes for the coming week:

  1.  HotLunches orders for October are due on Sunday night, September 30thA reminder – if you have not paid for last month’s lunch orders yet, you will be unable to place an order.
  2. There is no school on Monday, October 1st as it is a Professional Development Day for teachers (School Goals).
  3. There are still some of our great Greenfield Home and School Calendars for sale in the school office.  They are $10.00. They include all the school holidays and professional development days and are great way to keep track of everything happening.
  4.  Picture Retakes will be done on November 20th for students who missed Picture Day or who would like to do re-takes.
  5. Thank you to all families who supported the Home and School fundraiser!

Enjoy your weekend!

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HotLunches for October

The HotLunches Menu for October is now up and open for ordering.  Here are some things to know:

1. This menu covers the dates of Monday, October 2nd to Friday, November 2nd.          Be careful to scroll down and find the two days for November.
2.  Ordering begins today and ends on Sunday, September 3oth at midnight.
3.  Make sure you hit the “Place Order and Proceed” button at the very bottom of the          page to ensure that your order is placed. It can be missed!
4.  Tips for Toast appears on Friday, November 2nd.
5.  We are following up on suggestions for healthy lunches for Wednesdays.  Hopefully, we        will have some news on this for next month.
6. Students that are in our new 2/3 Y class have been put in this class (Mrs. Milley) for             ordering.



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Picture Day tomorrow!

A reminder that it is Picture Day tomorrow for our students in the English program.  Tuesday will be picture Day for our students in the French Immersion program.

Bring your smiles!

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Music News!

Our music program is well underway and Mrs. MacIsaac-Gallant (Mrs. M-G) is planning for a busy year.  The Music Room is busy most days at little recess (10:10 – 10:25) or at big recess (12:00 12:30).  Mrs. M-G has provided an overview of her extra curricular activities.  Here is her newsletter:

Welcome Notes

Each year we have a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert. Concerts provide a wonderful opportunity for students to perform and share their talents. Our plan for concerts this year is to have our students in Grade K -2 (including Grade 2/3 X – Mrs. Smith’s class)  participate in the Christmas Concert.  Our Spring Concert will have our Grades 3 – 6 students performing.  We have found that having our full student body in one concert provides little opportunity for each grade to perform and is very difficult to organize and manage.  We enjoy having our younger students participate in the Christmas Concert for three years and then having our older students plan and perform in the Spring Concert.

Our students have other opportunities to perform throughout the year such as our Remembrance Day Ceremony and visiting the Manor at Christmas to sing carols.


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Family Picnic – Today!

Our Greenfield Family Picnic will be going ahead today (4:30 — 6:30) rain or shine (we are hoping for shine!).  The rain has stopped so that is a good sign.

This is an outdoor event and families should know that the school is not accessible during the picnic (other than the washrooms by the gym).


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After-School Chemistry Program at Greenfield

STEAM PEI Presents:

Potions and Explosions – Chemistry in Motion

Where?  Greenfield Elementary School Cafeteria
Who? Grades 2 – 6 students
When? Tuesdays, September 25th to October 30th – one hour after school (2:50 – 3:50) – six weeks
What? What is chemistry? Discover and explore with different hands-on activities each week.  Explore polymers by making slime.  See a catalyst in action while watching an elephant toothpaste demonstration.  Experiment with the optimal combination of chemicals to make rockets blast off.  Record your observations in your new science notebook.
Why?  Because we love science!
How?  Register online at and email any questions to:  Payment of $80 can be made by cash, cheque or email transfer on the first day of class.

STEAM PEI will be at our School Picnic tomorrow at 5:00 so stop by for a visit.

For more information, visit: 

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Information on Head Lice

We have been seeing cases of head lice at Greenfield since the start of the school year.  Head lice are tiny insects that live only on the scalp of human beings.  They do not have wings so they move from person to person by close contact or sharing of clothing (hats, hoodies).  Anyone can get head lice.  It is common in children as they come in close contact with one another when they play.

It is the responsibility of parents to do frequent head checks of their children, especially when there are cases in a school.  We ask that you let your child’s teacher know so we can let other parents in your child’s class know to check for lice in their child’s hair.  Below is information from the Canadian Paediatric Society that should be helpful.

Information for Parents & Caregivers – Head Lice

If your child has lice, you must:

  • Use an approved lice treatment (Pharmacists can be very helpful is selecting the best treatment).  Home remedies are not effective!
  • Check all family members and treat anyone else who has live lice.
  • Wash items such as hats, pillows, stuffed animals.
  • Do a daily head check for the next 10 days.
  • Do a repeat treatment after 7 – 10 days to kill any newly hatched lice.

Lice is not dangerous to one’s health but it is a nuisance.  It can be very inconvenient for families so please do your best to check for head lice in your children’s hair and help us manage this problem.


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