Staff List

Teachers and Staff 2019 – 2020

Georgetown Elementary teachers and staff are committed to giving students a positive and comfortable learning experience.Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns you have.
Quinn Mills– Grade 1/ Kindergarten
Lisa MacLeod- Grades  2/3 Homeroom    Blog
Amanda MacIntosh-Grades 4/5/6 Homeroom, Vice Principal
Sheryll O’Hanley– Grades 7/8 Homeroom, Principal
Therese Mair– Resource, Librarian, Humanities (4/5/6 and 7/8)
Hailey Hennessey– Core French

Amy McCarron– School Counsellor

Zack Gallison– Phys. Ed., 7/8 Humanities
Leah Jordan– Music
Carol-Ann McLeod- EA
Darlene Bradley– EA

Alysia Angus Lunt – EA

Tammy Quinn – EA
Krystal Feehan – YSW
Andrea Garlick– SA
Lisa Johnston–  Administrative Assistant
Gloria Jenkins– Custodian
Alice Blackett #681 (AM) / Darlene Flemming #621 (PM)  Bus Drivers
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