Good Morning, Monday, May 1st

Lunch orders, please pass in today:

May 2nd      Homemade Pizza  ____$2.50

▪Ham & Pineapple   ▪ Pepperoni   ▪Cheese

May 3rd  Subway  $3.50    Cookie    $1.00


May 4th    Chicken Caesar Salad____$2.50

Track & Field is starting this week, practice will by Tuesday & Thursday, Permission forms must be signed. (Grades 5-8)



Transition Teams Working on Student Re-zoning


The Elementary and Intermediate Transition Teams have been established and are working to ensure a successful transition process and to ensure that students and their families who have been affected by re-zoning are supported.

On Tuesday (April 25), a letter will go home to parents who have a student in the following schools:

  • Birchwood Intermediate
  • Cardigan Consolidated
  • Donagh Regional
  • Glen Stewart Primary
  • Parkdale Elementary
  • Prince Street Elementary
  • Queen Charlotte Intermediate
  • Spring Park Elementary
  • St. Jean Elementary
  • Stratford Elementary
  • Stonepark Intermediate
  • West Kent Elementary
  • West Royalty Elementary

Parents that have a child impacted by re-zoning and who attends a school not listed above, will receive a letter on Thursday.

The Transition Teams will further communicate with parents through the PSB and school websites, social media, and school newsletters.


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

I know we were all relieved by yesterdays announcement, that our school will remain open!!  The photo on the front page of today’s “The Guardian” is Great to see!  Today, we are returning our focus to our school goals of literacy and numeracy.  We are optimistic that our school year will end on a positive note and Thank You for all of your support!


Anna MacKenzie

Lock Down Drills

Lockdown Drills

It has become a necessity for all public places to have a Lockdown Procedure in place.  Our school also has a Lockdown plan and our students have a practice drill during October and will have a second one in February.  All students should be aware of where to go in case of a lockdown, and that space is called a SAFE ZONE.  As well, all staff have been made aware of our school’s plan and have been involved in the drill.  Usually, a lockdown drill takes approximately 10-15 minutes and during that time it is necessary for all students to remain silent, so please take a moment to review this with your child tonight during homework.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Lockdown plan or the ELSB’s policy, please do not hesitate to call or drop by my office.

Thank you, Mrs MacKenzie

Zones of Regulation


Students at GES are learning about the four zones to describe how their brain and body feel. Try asking your child what zone they are in!

BLUE Zone –Your body is running slow, such as when you are

tired, sick, sad or bored.

GREEN Zone –Like a green light, you are “good to go.” You body

may feel happy, calm and focused.

YELLOW Zone –This zone describes when you start to loose

control, such as when you are frustrated, anxious, worried, silly

or surprised. Use caution when you are in this zone.

RED Zone –This zone is for extreme emotions such as anger,

terror and aggression. When you are in this zone, you are out of

control, have trouble making good decisions and must STOP!