Friday June 10, 2022

  • Today is day 4
  • Welcome to staff guests Allison Vandalele, Cara Gallway and Brittany Campbell
  • PEI School Lunch today is pizza!!!
  • Wellness walk today at 2:00 pm
  • Consent for end of year field trips due back anytime. 
  • French Celebration hosted by Grade 7 & 8 happening today. There has been lots of work gone into preparations. There will be French food, videos by students and many presentations for students from grade 2-6 to enjoy aout the many french speaking countries and cultures around the world! Celebration starts at 1:15pm in the grade 4 classroom

Thursday June 9, 2022

  • Today is day 4
  • Welcome to staff guests Joel Annear and Cara Gallway
  • PEI School Lunch today is a southwest chicken wrap 
  • The entire school is invited to view the French presentations tomorrow @ 1:15pm put on by the 7/8 French class. French food, videos and tons of information will be shared!
  • Consent for students to attend end of year field trips can be sent back to homeroom teachers anytime. Thanks to all parents and guardians who are volunteering as chaperones for and joining us for the trip as well!!

Wednesday June 8, 2022

  • Today is day 3
  • Today is Pizza Day! Thanks to Sarah, Harley and Irvin Sampson for providing pizza for the whole school! 
  • Welcome to staff guest Ms. Nancy Cudmore to our school today
  • Happy Happy Birthday to Lennon P. in Kindergarten- make sure you wish this girl a Happy Birthday if you see her!
  • PEI School Lunch today is a bean of beef burrito bowl served with rice, salsa and sour cream
  • Consent for students permission to attend Shining Waters or Sandspit field trips can be returned anytime
  • Grade 8 tours and meeting this evening at Montague Intermediate School for any interested parents @ 5:30pm

Tuesday June 7, 2022

  • Today is day 2
  • IHT today for grade 7 & 8
  • Grade 8 Parent Meeting at MIS this evening at 5:30pm- tour and information session for parents
  • PEI school lunch today is one of our favourites…roast chicken dinner with mashed potato, carrots and gravy
  • Tomorrow students are getting treated to a pizza lunch courtesy of Sarah and Harley Sampson(Irvin’s parents) Cheese or pepperoni Maroon Pig pizza! We have some very excited students who loooove pizza!


Monday June 6, 2022

  • Today is day 1
  • Welcome to staff guests Ms. Tori Billard, Ms. Nancy Cudmore, Ms. Brenda MacDoanld and Ms. Martha MacLean
  • PEI School Lunch today is pasta with meat sauce or pasta with tomato sauce
  • Huge congratulations to our Provincial Champion Maria M. who won a gold medal in her 1200m race at the Provincial track and filed meet Saturday at UPEI. Great Job Maria!!!
  • IHT tomorrow for Grade 7 & 8 at MIS
  • Happy Birthday to Patrick C. Laney K. HUdson M. (today) and Quinn Mills from this past weekend!!!

Friday June 3, 2022

  • Today is day 6
  • Welcome to staff guests Marley MacNeill, Martha MacLean and Hannah Dunn
  • PEI School Lunch today is PIZZA
  • We are so excited to welcome our 2022/ 2023 Kindergarten class to the school today! It is going to be such a fun day! 
  • No School for current grade K/1 class today
  • Wellness Walk today after 2pm for all grades

Elimination Draw Winners

Congratulations to all who participated in the Home and School fundraising campaign for the School Playground by buying a ticket for the  Playground Elimination Draw. 

The draw was live at the school yesterday with all students getting a chance to draw some of the tickets. The facebook video can be seen on Charlene Heberts page. The lucky grand prize winners are:

Lloyd and Kathy King- $1000

Cody and Pam Jenkins- $2000

Cora MacIntyre- $7000

Wednesday June 2, 2022

  • Today is day 5
  • Welcome to staff guests Nancy Cudmore, Roxanne Gallant and Nikki Farrell and all visitors to the school
  • PEI School Lunch today is sweet and sour meatballs on rice
  • We are very excited to have a magic show for students in K-3 today…thanks again to librarian Erin Lundrigan for organizing this special visitor!

Wednesday June 1, 2022

  • Today is day 4
  • Welcome to staff guest Mrs. Hewitt and Ms. Marley MacNeill to the school today
  • PEI School Lunch today is pulled pork on roasted potatoes or veggie chili on roasted potatoes
  • Magic Show tomorrow at 11:00 am for K-3 students
  • No School for Kindergarten and grade 1 students Friday
  • ELIMINATION DRAW happening this morning to pick all the winners with the Home and School playground fundraising project! Including the $7000 grand prize