Georgetown School Halloween 2020

This Friday afternoon we will be celebrating Halloween.  There are some changes that we need to make to the afternoon and we have included a list of do’s here.

The activities only take place in the afternoon, the morning is still in class learning.

Friday afternoon:

  • Students are permitted to wear a costume that goes over the clothing he or she wears to school. We do not have the bathroom capacity for all students to be changing at one time.
  • Students are permitted to wear face make up but not a costume mask. They will still need to wear a non-medical mask throughout the afternoon.
  • Students are asked NOT to take any accessories for their costumes. We are not responsible for lost, forgotten, or broken costume pieces.
  • Students will be doing activities in their classroom Friday afternoon and not as a whole school in the gym.
  • If you wish to take in a treat you must take one for each student in the class. The treat must be individually packaged and not something that would need to be shared with the whole class (for example, a cake).

Thank you for your participation in this activity.  If you have concerns or questions please contact the school.




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