Georgetown School Halloween 2020

This Friday afternoon we will be celebrating Halloween.  There are some changes that we need to make to the afternoon and we have included a list of do’s here.

The activities only take place in the afternoon, the morning is still in class learning.

Friday afternoon:

  • Students are permitted to wear a costume that goes over the clothing he or she wears to school. We do not have the bathroom capacity for all students to be changing at one time.
  • Students are permitted to wear face make up but not a costume mask. They will still need to wear a non-medical mask throughout the afternoon.
  • Students are asked NOT to take any accessories for their costumes. We are not responsible for lost, forgotten, or broken costume pieces.
  • Students will be doing activities in their classroom Friday afternoon and not as a whole school in the gym.
  • If you wish to take in a treat you must take one for each student in the class. The treat must be individually packaged and not something that would need to be shared with the whole class (for example, a cake).

Thank you for your participation in this activity.  If you have concerns or questions please contact the school.




Grade 8 Grad Photos

Friday November 6th will be graduation photo day for Georgetown’s Grade 8 graduates.





This will also be retake day for any student or staff that missed picture day or if you are not pleased with the photo proofs sent home.

Tuesday October 27, 2020

  • Today is Day 4
  • Welcome to staff guests, Mr. Chris Friesen, Ms. Linda Keel-Hale and Ms. Christina MacLean-Gallant
  • Fish chowder or Hummus, pita and veggie box for PEI School Lunch Program today 
  • Bacon and cheddar omelette with toast for breakfast club offerings this morning, tomorrow will be cold cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios) and bananas

Monday October 26, 2020

  • Today is Day3
  • Welcome to staff guests in our school today, Ms. Tracy Powers & Ms. Linda Keel-Hale and the Student Well-being Team
  • Welcome to special visitor to our school, author, Julie Pellisier-Lush
  • Breakfast Club Program has gotten a little closer to back to normal. Fresh fruit and hot items like bagels, pancakes and omelettes are now being offered to students in the mornings starting at 8:40-8:55am. Students orders will be taken the previous day and the items will be available in their classrooms for this nutritious breakfast
  • Hot lunch program today is spaghetti with veggie sauce or meat sauce


Friday October 23, 2020

  • Today is Day 2
  • IHT today for grade 7 and grade 8 at Montague Intermediate
  • Wellness Walk today at 2:30 for all students
  • Special guest to school Monday is Julie Pellissier-Lush
  • HPV vaccinations for Grade 6 students Monday October 26
  • Last Morning to order for PEI School Lunch Program is today- Ordering open for October 26- November 6
  • Lunch feature today is a Mexican Taco Bowl

Thursday October 22, 2020

  • Today is Day 1 in the school cycle
  • Welcome to staff guests and visitors to our school today including Mr. Joe Burgess
  • Milk and Chocolate milk tokens can be ordered anytime through the teachers, office or via e-transfer. 0.80 for chocolate or 0.50 for white milk- order as many as you would like to always have available!!!

PEI Healthy School Lunch Program

Ordering is now open for the weeks of October 26- November 6 for PEI Students Healthy Lunch Program. Lots of choices for students each day of the week and flexible pricing for parents. Check it out:

The Healthy School Food Program will provide an opportunity for families to order healthy lunches 5 days a week alongside existing school food programs. Meals will be prepared and delivered directly to schools at lunch time by local food service providers. All students will have access to the same healthy lunch options, which will include nut free, gluten free,dairy free and vegetarian options. 
As part of the Healthy School Food Program, families will order meals biweekly using our new online platform. The Province of PEI wants to ensure that nutritious lunches are available to as many students as possible, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Pay What You Can Program offers families 3 options:

1) You can pay the full amount of your child’s lunch
2) You can pay an amount that you can afford to pay at that time
3) You can order lunch for your child if you are unable to pay at all.

Water Bottle Reminder

Students are asked to have a water bottle included with their school belongings each day when they come to school. Water fountains are only available as water bottle fill stations this school year.  Non glass bottles with covers would be the best choice.