Wednesday September 30, 2020

  • Today is Day 4

  • Orange Shirt Day- Every Child Matters

  • Great Effort by our Georgetown Hornets Soccer Team yesterday against Souris- fun was had by all!

  • Picture Day Next week- Monday October 5th

  • Welcome to staff guest today, Ms. Baker-Jackson

  • Happy Birthday to Raylan!

Tuesday September 29, 2020

  • Today is Day 3
  • Terry Fox Run today 11am for Grades 4-8, 11:30 for K-3
  • Bake Sale today- all items $1
  • Soccer Game @ 4:30- Georgetown/Belfast vs. Souris- Jerry McCormack Field
  • Welcome to staff guest Ms. Baker-Jackson
  • Welcome to newest Georgetown Staff member- Ms. Jenn
  • Pita, hummus an veggies for hot lunch program today- Milk and Choc milk available for sale

Monday September 28, 2020

  • Today is day 2
  • Jersey Day today at Georgetown Elementary School
  • Terry Fox Run will be tomorrow. K-3 running at Community Gardens and 4-8 running on the West Street Boardwalk
  • Soccer practice for girls today after school at Eastern Eagles Soccer Complex in Montague
  • Soccer Game tomorrow in Souris at Jerry McCormack Field @ 4:30
  • Welcome to two brand new students to Georgetown School. Axel and Iris we are so excited to have you join our big school!
  • Bake Sale organized by Grade 7 and Grade 8 for Tuesday September 29th. Proceeds going towards Terry Fox Fundraising. All items will be $1.00

Friday September 25, 2020

  • Today is Day 1
  • Georgetown Hornets first soccer game last evening vs. Morell- Great effort by all
  • Cross Country Running will have their first practice of the year today after school- 3:15-4:00 Open to students from Grade 3-8
  • Hat Day today at Georgetown- Donations towards Terry Fox Fundraising to be able to wear a hat!
  • Jersey Day Monday September 28- $2.00 for staff or students to be able to wear a jersey of their choice!
  • Terry Fox Run for all students will happen on Tuesday Sept 29. K-3 in the MacDonald Community Gardens and 4-8 on the boardwalk off West Street
  • Orange Shirt Day will be commemorated on September 30
  • Next Hornets soccer practice will be Monday Sept. 28 at Eastern Eagles Soccer Complex in Montague- 3:15-4:00. Please advise Mr. Maund if you are able to offer students drives to and from.

Occupational Therapy Notice


Dear Parents / Guardians,

This letter is to inform you that Georgetown Elementary school will be involved with the School Therapy Occupational Therapy (OT) Program for this school year.  Occupational Therapists (OTs) are licensed health professionals who work with children in many different settings and know a lot about: motor development, sensory processing as well as environmental set up, adaptations and accessibility.

  • Fine and visual motor skills are important for school activities such as: drawing, colouring, printing, writing, keyboarding, using a computer, cutting with scissors, opening lunch containers, completing fasteners on clothing, tying shoelaces, using a lock, etc.
  • Gross motor skills are important in school for: moving safely in the classroom and throughout the school, participating in gym activities as well as playing on the playground and playground equipment, etc.
  •  Sensory processing in school is important for things like: being comfortable with sounds and lighting within the school, being able to tolerate getting ready for outdoors in crowded hallways, being able to sit or stand at a desk or on the floor to complete work or listen to instructions.
  •  Environmental set up in school includes things like: making sure desk and chair heights are the “right fit” for students, identifying the best location for desk placement or quiet work/learning areas, exploring alternative seating options (i.e., chair, movement cushion, stool, stand-up desks) for students and ensuring accessible space for wheelchairs, etc.

The School Therapy OT will be part of the school team and accessible to all school staff as well as to parents/guardians. While at the school, the School Therapy OT will spend time in many areas of the school (i.e., classrooms, gym, music, playground, etc.) and will observe students engaged in their school activities.  The OT will guide school staff in understanding how they can use activities within the classroom to help children with their motor and sensory skills.  If the OT, together with your child’s teacher, notice that your child is having difficulty with the motor or sensory demands in the classroom or school, the teacher will contact you to discuss making an individual referral to the School Therapy OT Program.  If you have questions or concerns about your child’s motor or sensory development please feel free to contact the School Therapy OT as well as your child’s classroom teacher.

If a family doctor, pediatrician or other health agency would like your child to be seen by the School Therapy OT program, the referral request must be communicated to the school-based Student Services Team or classroom teacher for a referral to be initiated.

If your child is currently being seen by private OT and you and your child’s school team would like to refer your child to the School Therapy OT Program please feel free to contact the OT at your child’s school to discuss the transition from private OT to the School Therapy OT Program.

The School Therapy OT for this school year is Colleen MacPherson, OT Reg. PE.  She will be at Georgetown Elementary on day 3 of the school cycle.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school or Colleen MacPherson at Thank you!

Thursday September 24, 2020

  • Today is Day 6
  • Grade 6/7/8 Girls Soccer Team will be playing Morell today at 4:30pm- Game is being held at Eastern Eagles Soccer Complex in Montague
  • Hot Lunch today is an Autumn Chicken Salad- Last day to order for next two weeks
  • Welcome to visitors to our school today including  Ms. April Smith
  • First x-country practice is tomorrow September 25 from 3:15-4:00 at Georgetown School- Cross Country is open to students in Grades 3- Grade 8. Consent forms available from Mr. Maund
  • Hat Day tomorrow at Georgetown School- Donations going towards Terry Fox Fundraising Efforts

Cross Country Practice

The first practice for the Georgetown x-country team will be moved to Friday September 25 for this week only. 3:15 pm-4:00 pm at Georgetown School.

Due to schedule conflicts with the soccer team this change is being made.

X-country is open to students in grades 3-8 and consents are available from Mr. Maund.

Soccer Practice Cancelled- Wednesday Sept 23

Soccer practice for the Hornets Female soccer team that was to be held at Eastern Eagles Soccer Complex Wednesday is cancelled. The game scheduled for Thursday Sept. 24 is still a go.
We are still looking for parents to be able to drive students to and from this game. Please contact Mr. Maund at if you can help the Hornets out!

Tuesday September 22, 2020

  • Today is Day 5
  • Welcome to staff visitors and guests to G.E.S. today
  • Shepard’s Pie for Healthy School Lunch today
  • Last day of Summer 2020- Welcome Autumn!
  • Hornets soccer practice went well yesterday, next practice scheduled for Wednesday at Eastern Kings Soccer Complex in Montague