Day 6- January 23, 2020

  • Students are being treated to a field trip to Charlottetown. K-3 are visiting the Confederation Center of the Arts and are participating in an art project while there
  • 4/5/6 students are attending the premier showing of the Alzheimer’s commercial that they had a hand in creating with the Alzheimer Society of PEI. Watch Compass this evening for some clips of their day.
  • Grade 7/8 students are fine tuning their golf skills at All About Golf this morning and then will meet up with all the students to see a movie at Empire Theaters- Dolittle
  • Go Play will run after school for students in Grades 5-8
  • Check back later for a link to the whole commercial that the students and Mrs. O’Hanley had a huge part in creating over the past two years.

Day 5- January 22, 2020

  • Welcome to CBC news and Nancy Russell here today doing some video journalism to add to the Alzheimer’s project that grade 4/5/6 have been involved with. 
  • Welcome to staff guests M.A.D.D. Canada representative and  Ms. Gallant to our school today
  • Consent forms for field trip to movie Dolittle tomorrow should be returned by today
  • Cooking Together starts today, students will be treated to a lunch of corn chowder and biscuits. This meal will be prepared by grade 7/8 students under the supervision of Bobbi Jo MacLean

Day 4- January 21, 2020

  • Consent forms for students to attend field trip to see the movie “Dolittle” and for Grade 4/5/6 to view their part of an Alzheimer video the had a hand in producing with for the Alzheimer Society of PEI
  • Go Play for students in Grades 1-4 today after school
  • It will be an indoor recess for students with the below -20 degree forecast
  • Grade 8 Travel Tickets are available for sale from your friendly Grade 8 students. Draw will be next week for the $500 prize

Day 3- January 20, 2020

  • Welcome back to school after a wintery weekend and a 1 hr delay
  • Cooking Together will be back at Georgetown School starting this week. Welcome to Amil Zavo, Sarah Jane Clory and Bobbi Jo MacLean who will be teaching our students in Grades 7/8 some cooking skills and feeding lunch and snacks to our students on occasion.
  • Happy Birthday wishes going out to Keegan K. in Grade 5, who celebrated his birthday yesterday! 
  • Get your grade 8 travel tickets from any of our Grade 8 students for the upcoming $500 draw next week. Ethan P, Keliee S, Rayo C, Connor G and Sierra C. would love to sell you a ticket!! Good Luck ticket buyers!
  • Consent forms for field trip to movies planned for Thursday are due back ASAP

Day 2- January 16, 2020

  • IHT today for grade 7 & 8 at Montague Intermediate
  • Go Play today for Grades 5-8 after school
  • Please make staff guests Ms. Baker-Jackson and Ms. Quinn welcome to our school as well as all school visitors
  • Pizza Day today- thanks to Stacy at Maroon Pig for providing us with our special order today

Day 1- Wednesday January 15, 2020

  • Welcome to visitors and staff guests at our school today: Ms Quinn and Ms Baker-Jackson
  • Plans are being finalized for a redo of the field trip that was cut short. On Thursday January 23 students will be bused to Charlottetown for a movie, pizza and some other activities
  • Go Play for students in grades 5-8 is tomorrow from 3:10-4:10 pm
  • Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Day 5- January 13, 2020

  • Welcome back to school after a snowy weekend and a 1 hr delay
  • Please get your orders in for hot lunch for this week, Grill Cheese on Friday and Pizza (cheese or pepperoni) on Thursday
  • Intramurals for students in Grades 1-5 today at lunch recess

Seeking Hot Lunch Program Temporary Volunteer

WHO: Any parent or family member of our students

WHAT: Volunteer for 1 hr/ week (11:40-12:40) preparing and delivering hotdog or grill cheese hot lunches for students

WHEN: Friday (January 10, 17, 31)

WHERE: Georgetown School 

Please call 902-652-8970 or email if you are interested in helping keep our students happy. focused and fed!