Thursday February 7, 2019

  • Today is day 5
  • Salmon eggs have arrived, check out the cold water tank in the main lobby
  • Intermediate dance this evening at MIS. Grade 7 &8 GES students are invited to attend. $4.00 + non perishable food item. Dance is 7-9:15- hope to see everyone there!
  • Hornet Pick of the Week for Feb 4-8 was picked early- Congrats to Raylan D. in Ms. Mills K/1 class for being a wonderful student helper who always has a great attitude
  • Milk and subway orders available on the newest newsletter for next order

Salmon Eggs have Arrived at Georgetown School- check them out!

Time to slowly drop the eggs in. The water temperature is set to 2-3 degrees, to slow development and mimic the temperature in the streams right now!

Our Fish Friends just stopped by with a delivery. Everyone  will be watching these Salmon eggs closely, we are hoping for some movement by March Break!

Thanks to Plamu’k na Kitapina ‘q Program 2019- Salmon are our Friends Program