Darlene Bradley and Pam Martin are the winners of the Grade 8 Travel Fundraising Baskets. Congratulations, enjoy all the fine things the kiddos had specially donated from tons of local Georgetown businesses:

  • Maroon Pig
  • Shoreline Design
  • Georgetown Restaurant and Inn
  • Daryls Store
  • Eden’s Gate
  • Lea Beaton- Avon Representative
  • Kerri Jenkins-O’Brien- Arbonne Representative
  • Lawton’s Drug- Montague
  • Fair Isle Ford, Montague

Breakfast Club Final Days

The Breakfast Club is in its final week. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who gave their time and efforts over the school year, showing up religiously to help give the students a great start to their day! 

Breakfast Club will not be running after Friday June 22- Please be advised that the school will not have supervision until 8:50 a.m. starting June 25 during the final short week of school.


Tuesday June 19

  • Absolute last day will be tomorrow by 10:00 a.m. to put in an order for 60th anniversary commemorative t-shirts- royal blue t-shirts or black and grey baseball shirts with the snappy new logo created by Mrs. Dalziels graphic designer dad
  • Today is Day 1
  • 2018/2019 School Supply Fee of $35 accepted anytime for returning students (School Supply List will be available prior to school closing for those not interested in having homeroom teacher buy school supplies)
  • All books returned to Ms. Mair in library ASAP
  • Grade 8 Travel to Halifax is finally here, Have a great trip Mr. Trevor and grads!