Wednesday February 28th-

  • Today is day3
  • Pink Shirt Day 
  • First day for Badminton practice- 8:00 am start with Mr. Power
  • Happy Birthday Ms. Bradley
  • Welcome staff guest Logan Peters
  • Hornet Picks of the Month today @ 3 pm
  • Guitar Club will meet at lunch time and after school today- Mr. Mark Campbell will be teaching guitar today


Georgetown School Badminton Team

Badminton will be starting tomorrow February 28th with our first practice at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. Mr. Power, a badminton all-star, will be the badminton coach for the 2018 Georgetown Hornets badminton team. Grades 5-8 are invited to try out. We hope to see lots of  participation.


Welcome Constable Ruel Fiset

Georgetown School has a new RCMP liaison working closely with our school family, Constable Ruel Fiset.  We were pleased to meet and look forward to seeing Constable Fiset from the Montague RCMP detachment around Georgetown and the School for the foreseeable future. Welcome Constable Fiset.

$2000 – Sign Up at Georgetown School @ Parent Teacher Interview Time

Get unbiased Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) information and see how to receive up to $2000 from the government Canada Learning Bond (CLB) at

Amy Doyle  an Outreach Officer with the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning.  Is looking to promote the Canada Learning Bond and would like to help any parent or guardian who is interested in this initiative this week at Georgetown School.

Amy is offering to do on-site enrollment for families of Georgetown for the Canada Learning Bond.  She will be set up in the hallway for any interested families who would be interested in getting started with this application on Thursday March 1st from 5-7:30 and on March 2nd from 9-12 while Parent Teacher Interviews are being held.

Looking forward to seeing many parents and guardians for interviews, picking up Learning Reports and signing up for the Canada Learning Bond.

Monday, February 26th

  • Today is day 1
  • French Club will meet after school today- 3:10-4:00 p.m.
  • Please hand in consents for “Cooking Together”
  • Home and School Meeting- Feb 26th @ 6 p.m. in Music Room
  • Pink Shirt Day- Wednesday February 28th
  • Drama Club starting at G.E.S-First meeting is March 8th, all ages and grades welcome!
  • Check backpacks for Parent Bulletin- or request that Bulletin come directly to your e-mail account by calling the office!

Hornet Pick of the Week – Feb 16th

Congratulations going out to our special winner in Ms. Dalziel’s Kindergarten class Owen T.  Owen is a very thoughtful and kind student, we are so happy to be able to see his happy face on our Hornet Pick of the Week Wall of Fame.


Fundraising Bingo Sunday February 25th

Georgetown Elementary School Home and School Association will be hosting a cash and prize bingo 2:00 p.m. Sunday February 25th at Georgetown School. This is a Home & School FUNdraising event. Tons of wonderful prizes have been collected, come on out for an afternoon of great fun!

Thursday February 22nd

  • Today is Day 5
  • “Cooking Together” culinary program will be preparing a free lunch for the entire school- Vegetable Pasta…mmmm
  • Please welcome staff guests Logan Peters,  Zack Gallison Tracy Powers and Dawn Martell to GES today
  • Kathy Kiley will be here for the day today!
  • Guitar Club will meet at lunch today for practice
  • Ms. Scully and Ms. Dalziel’s classes will be celebrating 100 Days of School today with games and activities to learn about the #100 and mark their achievement of being in school for 100 days!
  • Bonne Fete to Ms. Gullander-Drolet