New Adgenda’s for Georgetown School Students

Hi Parents and Guardians,
In an effort to have better communication between school and home we have purchased agendas for students in grades 1-8. Please check your child’s backpack to get a closer look at this very nice book.
Please check the agenda daily, after school, to look for notes, homework, communication from teachers and responses to questions you may have asked.


Monday January 22 will be the first meeting of Georgetown School’s French Club. Interested students from Grades 4-8 are invited to meet in Ms. Gullander-Drolet’s class for some fun french programming. French Club will meet from 3:10-4:00.

Kindergarten 2018 Registration

Registration is still open for all families with young children planning on attending Kindergarten in September of 2018!

Parents are urged to register their children for Kindergarten as soon as possible.  It is important that schools have your child’s registration information in order to contact you regarding the upcoming Welcome to Kindergarten Program and to plan for September 2018 classes.

Where do you register: Local school that your child is zoned to attend?

 What you need:

For proof of child’s age provide:

(i)    Birth Certificate

(ii)   PEI Health Card

For proof of home address provide:

(i)       Verification of home address (copy of utility bill, etc.)


Age requirement:  Child must be 5 years old by December 31, 2018

Additional questions:

Please call your local school or Board Office (Stratford 902-368-6990)