Milk Added to Breakfast Club Offerings

In an effort to offer appealing choices for children and keep those options as healthy as possible, we now have milk available in the morning at Breakfast Club for all students that attend.

The menu varies from morning to morning but includes whole wheat or everything bagels and english muffins. Toppings include cream cheese, jam, butter & wow butter.  There is a variety of cold and hot cereals everyday as well as blueberry banana smoothies, orange and apple juice, bananas, apples, oranges, pancakes, cheese and yogurt.

Breakfast Club Program runs from 8:40-9:00 every day of the week(starting January 22). Thanks to our volunteers who are here everyday to make this program a success.

New Supervised Playground Times/ Breakfast Club Start Time

To allow for full coverage in the areas of supervision during breakfast program and in the mornings prior to school beginning, we are asking that parents dropping off students and that students walking arrive no earlier than 8:40 am to the school grounds. Our students will no longer be required to go back out into the cold weather to wait for school to begin. The time after breakfast program and before the start of school will now be inside. Students will be asked to come inside after being dropped off/ arriving as the gym will be set up for some before school activities and breakfast club.  Students are invited to enjoy a healthy breakfast starting anytime after 8:40 until 9:00 am. The students will be directed to go their respective classrooms to get ready for the day and do work under the supervision of their teachers until classes begin when breakfast club has finished. This new morning schedule will begin Monday January 22nd.