Attendance and Visitor Sign in Policy

Visitors, Students and Parents who visit the school must sign in at the office. We must keep accurate records of who is in the school so in the case where an emergency situation arises we will be able act accordingly. Thank You for your cooperation on this.

Parents who are dropping children off late or taking them out of school early must also sign the child IN or OUT at the office. A phone call to say the student will be late or a note to relay the message regarding a change in students schedule is another great option as sometimes the phone line can be tied up! Groupwise messaging is an email option that is available to contact administrators, teachers and office staff if you want to communicate online. You can access the Groupwise link on this webpage, and emails are accessible in several areas.

Our policy is to make phone calls to the home if we have an absent student without prior notice.

Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop.

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