New Bell Schedule

Starting November 27 Georgetown School will have an altered bell schedule from what has been running in the past.  This will allow a few more minutes in the morning for students to get to class prior to the playing of the National Anthem. This will also allow for the the students to have an extra outdoor recess in the afternoon to stretch their legs and have a little fun.

  • 9:03- first bell, students get ready for class and put belongings away in their assigned areas
  • 9:10- second bell- Students expected to be in class for O’Canada and the beginning of instruction time
  • Snack time will be at the discretion of individual teachers, but canteen will be open from 10:40-10:50 for purchasing milk or snacks
  • 12:10- outdoor recess for all students
  • 12:35-12:55 all students for lunch in their classrooms
  • 1:55-2:10 “New”outdoor recess for all students
  • 2:10- instruction time in class
  • 3:10- last bell of day- students are dismissed


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