Tuesday, June 13th

Hornet Pick of the Week:

K/1-Hudson McLeod, for doing a great job sounding out his letters and writing words for his stories.  He had very creative ideas and worked independently on his book for class.  Awesome work Hudson!

2/3-Hunter Martell for setting big goals and working his hardest to reach them.

4/5/6-Layla O’Brien, Layla is a kind and generous student who is always doing things with a smile on her face.  I admire her work ethic in the 4/5/6 class!

7/8-Sam MacKenzie, Sam is the Hornet Pick of the week because he shows a genuine maturity and concern about his learning.  He has a natural ambition to succeed in all that he does!

Congrats to all our Hornets!!

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