Friday, June 2nd–Hornet Pick of the Week

K/1 Class–Hornet Pick of the Week–Mischa Zavo, for having a great attitude about learning and working so well independantly.
2/3 Class–Hornet Pick of the Week–Nicole Stevens, for working hard everyday with Ms. Mair and jumping up 3 levels in reading!
4/5/6 Class–Hornet Pick of the Week– Keilee Scanlon, for her upbeat and warm personality that touches all of the 4/5/6 class everyday!
7/8 Class–McPhee Gotell, McPhee has worked exceptionally hard to create notes that are clear and accurate!  She has taken extra efforts to re-do work and her scribblers/binders are excellent models of student learning!  Great Job McPhee!
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