Monday, May 15th

Pass Lunch orders in please.

Track & Field practice, Tuesday & Thursday after school.

Variety Show practices this week:    Tuesday-Uptown Funk (3:15-3:50)

Tuesday-Hula Hoop (3:50-4:30)

Wednesday-Everyone                   Thursday-Everyone

Hornet Pick of the Week for May 12th:

Grade k/1  -Jace Myers, He has been working hard to work independently.

Grade 2/3- Patrick Collings, He is making improvements in his reading and working hard everyday in class.

Grade 4/5/6-Shane Brousseau, He is being a consistent listener in all classes and always leading by example.

Grade 7/8-Stevie Boudreau, After a long weekend of competitive dance, Stevie returned to school and worked very hard.  She caught up on all missed work without a single complaint.

Good Work!!

A  big GES welcome to Gloria Jenkins, our custodian!

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