Professional Development Oct 27th & 28th

As part of our school goals, we are trying to update parents on what the staff is doing during Professional Learning Days. As you know, Thurs and Friday (Oct.27-28th)  of this week teachers are in two days of professional development. We thought parents might be curious what this looks like.

All teachers attend three Plenary sessions. Teachers also attend three concurrent sessions that allow the teacher some choice.

This year’s Plenary sessions that all teachers attend are:

1) The Risk-Taker’s Advantage: How to Make Kids More Resilient by not Bubblewrapping Them – Dr. Michael Ungar

2) Beyond Kale and Pedicures – Francoise Mathieu
Research on how to sustain work ethic in high-stress professions

3) The Unlikely Teacher – Tim Clue
Challenged by dyslexia and ADHD as a young man, Tim becomes a college level instructor. He presents on rethinking Learning lessons to help rebuild 21st-century minds.

Below is a link to a list of concurrent sessions that allow teachers choice in their professional development that fits their individual assignments.


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