Professional Development – Nov.10th

Professional Development – Nov.10th 

On this new rolling professional learning day, Sandra Herbst, one of the nation’s leading experts on assessment for learning, will be traveling across the province to meet with every Island teacher to discuss strategies to help students make improvements in foundational skills.

Teachers are learning about “The Big 3”. All teachers E.A’s are learning the language around these so that everyone in schools understands and can speak this language. One of the main focus of these around the co-constructing success criteria. All teachers are using this book as part of their professional development.sandra-herbst

“Government’s priority is to build a strong and cohesive education system that provides young people with every opportunity to grow and succeed,” said Education Minister Doug Currie.

The Big 3

The “Big 3” describes strategies that teachers can use with students that are proven to increase student achievement.  These are:  setting and communicating learning goals, creating lists of things that students need to do to be successful (success criteria), and giving feedback to students based on those criteria.
While our teachers have always used these strategies, we continue to work to be more consistent with using the “Big 3” across all of our curriculum.  Each teacher will be attending a PD day in February where we will be asked to share a specific instance when we applied these strategies with our students.
November 10 was a day for our teachers and educational assistants to meet with a Canadian leader, Sandra Herbst, to look at different applications of the Big 3 in varied educational settings across the country.
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