Professional Development December 2nd

The December 2nd PD day was a day of choice where many sessions were offered at many different locations. Generally teachers sign up for sessions that best suit their current needs.


Specialist teachers, such as Resource, Phys. Ed, and Music teachers, got together and had specialized professional development geared to their needs.


Teachers could also apply for groups to be approved to do some form of professional development other than the ones offered. Englewood had three groups of teachers apply and were granted the time to work at the school on our professional goals.

K-3 Reading Goal: LA teachers looked at writing about reading.  They narrowed the focus to the strategy of predicting.  Teachers located professional readings for their upcoming team meetings, gathered classroom resources for working with students, and starting considering how to collect age-appropriate responses.  
4-6 and 7-9 Writing Goals: LA teachers met with Linda MacDonald (an assessment specialist from the department) and Laura Cudmore (Admin Support Leader) to look at student writing samples.  They worked with us us on how to be more comfortable assigning fair scores in writing, and with ways that allow students to better understand their writing marks. We also worked at finding good samples to share with students to show different levels of writing. Finally, we discussed finding ways to give students better feedback that can lead to improvement in writing.
Overall, it was a very successful day for all of our teachers. We are all starting back to our classes on Monday with a better understanding of how to continue supporting student learning at Englewood.
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