Dental Clinic Sept 10-28

Attention Parents/Guardians:
The Dental Public Health Preventive Clinic will be held at Donagh Regional school in September
.Purpose of Dental Clinic: Screen children to assess risk of oral disease; provide oral health education, topical  fluoride, scaling/polishing and sealants, according to your child’s individual needs.

Screening:  All children will be seen for a two-minute screening to determine their risk of oral disease.  If you do not wish your child to have this dental screening, please notify the school secretary or classroom teacher.

Consent: After the screening, all children will be given a consent form which will be necessary for you to complete and return before services are provided.

Fees: There is no cost involved as the preventive services are covered by the Children’s Dental Care Program.

Graduates: Any students who have graduated from Donagh and attending Stonepark Intermediate can still access Preventative Dental Services at our  Dental Public Health Main Clinic in Charlottetown. Please call 368-4918 for information. Birchwood Intermediate has a school dental clinic in the spring.

Further Information:  Please note that only preventive services will be provided and the screening is not a substitute for an annual dental examination.  It is strongly recommended that parents take their children to a dentist for regular examinations and treatment.  The Children’s Dental Care Program assists with the cost of basic dental care delivered in private and public dental offices for children from ages 3 -17.  For more information, please visit

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Meet the Staff- Sept 13

Meet The Staff Night:

On Thursday evening, September 13th, we will be having our Meet the Staff evening at 6:00 pm.  We ask that you gather in the gym at that time.  We will start with a welcome and an introduction of staff.  Then parents/guardians will go to a homeroom classroom for an information session with your child’s teacher. We will indicate a change in sessions over the PA system and you will then have an opportunity to go to another session.

We do kindly ask for you to leave your child and his/her siblings at home.  We don’t have supervision for a large number of children that could be in the hallways and playground area.  The evening is meant for you as a parent to meet your child’s teacher and gather information about the school year.

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Hotlunches – Need to Register


A form went home on Thursday regarding the lunch program.  There is a lunch schedule open at for the two week period Sept 10-24.  You must register in order to place an order.  Ordering closes tomorrow morning at 8 am.

At the start of each year we need to reset the hotlunch program.  This is a reminder that all parents will have to register again for the system for the 2018-2019 school year.

For now we have the same lunch options as last year.  This could change once we meet with the H and S and find volunteers who want to participate in organizing and/or preparing lunch options.

There are instructions under the lunch program tab on the website.


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Welcome Info

Welcome all students, parents and guardians to another school year at Donagh Regional.

The staff at Donagh Regional are excited about the 2018-2019 school year.  We look forward to seeing the students on Thursday and kicking off what will be another awesome year at Donagh Regional.

Parents/Guardians should you have any questions regarding transportation  you should contact them at 902-569-0597

Parents should be advised that for the first day or two, students could be spending longer than normal time on the bus as we work out our new busing routes. As a result, please arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to pick up time in the morning as the drivers work out the exact pick up times and their arrival home at the end of the day may be delayed in some cases.  Our school day starts at 8:45 a.m so if you are dropping your child off we ask that it be between 8:30 a.m-8:35 a.m.  Buses are expected to be at the school between 8:30-8:35 a.m

We understand that some students and parents are anxious to know their class.  We are ready to welcome all students on Thursday morning.  Mr. Kielly will greet each bus when it arrives and will explain to students where to go and will have helpers to make sure each student gets to their proper area.

When students arrive on Thursday staff will be there to greet them and will be taking the K-2 students into the Multi Purpose room. Mrs. Moore (Vice Principal) and K-2 teachers will be there to greet the students and place them in their classes.

Grade 3-6 students will be taken to the gym where Mr. Kielly (Principal) and the grade 3-6 teachers will be there to greet the students and place them in their classes.  Students will then be lead to their homerooms with their homeroom teacher.

2018-2019 Donagh Staff

KA- Shanda Collins

KB- Amy Dalziel

Gr 1- Bethany Doyle

Gr 1/2- Isabel Myers

Gr 2- Kristen Moore

Gr 3- Jeana Graham

Gr 3/4- Jamie Knox

Gr 4- Carol Arbing

Gr 5- Melanie Cox

Gr 5/6- Mark Quinn

Gr 6- Patrick Hennessey

Phys Ed and Gr 2 math/humanities-  Devin Gehl

Music and core French- Ronita Baird

Gr 4 math and core French- Brodie Ward

Resource- Marion McGaughey and Arlene Fraser

School Counselor- Heather Lea-Desai

Jason Kielly- Principal

Educational Assistants- Cindy George, Amy Crockett, Jimmy Collins, Debbie Keoughan

Admin Assistant- Lindsay Mutch

Custodians- John Ford and Larry Cheverie

Bus Drivers- Brian Duffy, Lornie Hughes, Wayne Murnaghan, Dan Murnaghan

Here is our schedule to give parents/students an idea of a school day at Donagh Regional.

8:35-8:45 Homeroom

8:45-9:30 class time



10:30-10:40 snack

10:40-11:10 class time


11:40-12:05 Recess Outside

12:05-12:30 Lunch in class

12:30-1:00 class time


1:30-1:45 Outdoor Recess

1:45-2:15 class time


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Field Trip Cancelled for Monday

Hello Parents/Guardians,

Due to the inclement weather that is being forecast for Monday June 25th, we will postpone the Shining Waters and Sandspit field trips till Tuesday, June 26th.  Hopefully with the early notice parents/guardians will have time to alter their plans for the day.


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