Monday, April 8th: Green Shirt/Jersey Day in Memory of Humboldt Broncos

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Last April, Canadians rallied together in support of the victims, survivors and families of the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash. Many students and teachers took part by putting out hockey sticks in front of their classrooms and wearing their jerseys to school. This year, the family of Logan Boulet is holding the first annual national Green Shirt Day in honour of their son and the Broncos family, and to increase awareness about the importance of organ donation. Green Shirt Day is on Sunday, April 7, but we are asking schools and workplaces to consider participating on Monday, April 8.

Before Logan Boulet was fatally injured in the Broncos bus crash, he had registered his decision to be an organ donor and discussed his wishes with his family. The 21-year old defenceman went on to save six lives with his generous gifts. In the weeks that followed, Logan’s story inspired more than 100,000 Canadians to become registered organ donors. This became known as the “Logan Boulet Effect”. Now, the Boulet family would like that legacy to continue through an annual Green Shirt Day (, #GreenShirtDay).

Here at Donagh Regional we are asking students and staff to wear green and/or a hockey jersey in memory of the Humboldt Broncos and to support a message of inspiration and hope.

Why Green Shirt Day?

  • Canadians were inspired to rally together in support of the Humboldt Broncos last year following the tragic bus crash and Logan Boulet’s incredible gift of life.
  • Logan Boulet, a 21-year old defenceman, was one of the Humboldt Broncos players who did not survive the crash. He had registered as an organ donor just weeks before the tragic crash and had spoken to his father about his wishes a year prior. Logan was able to save six people’s lives.
  • As news spread of Logan’s selfless act, thousands across the country and world were inspired to also register as organ donors.
  • More than 100,000 Canadians registered to become organ donors in the weeks following the tragedy.
  • This became known as the “Logan Boulet Effect”.
  • To date, this is the largest number of Canadians registering as organ donors due to one event or person.
  • Ninety per cent of Canadians are in support of organ donation.
  • Starting this year on April 7, the day Logan Boulet became an organ donor, the Boulet family is launching a national Green Shirt Day (GSD).
  • The purpose of GSD is to honour and remember all the victims and families involved in the Humboldt tragedy, as well as to continue Logan’s legacy of inspiring Canadians to register as organ donors.
  • GSD shows that there is always hope, even in the most tragic situations.
  • GSD is an opportunity for Canadians to show their support to the Humboldt Broncos.
  • The Broncos’ team colours are green and gold. Green is the colour of organ donation awareness.
  • Visit for more information.
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Friday, March 1st- Animal Clothing Day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This Friday, March 1st we will be doing a small fund raiser to raise money for Earth Rangers.  The Earth Rangers recently visited Donagh Regional and delivered a message about conservation and the protection of wild animals.  After the assembly I was approached by a couple students from Mrs. Cox’s class.  They were keen to get involved and came up with the idea to have a fund raiser.  All money will be donated to Earth Rangers!

This Friday, March 1st we are asking students and staff to wear clothing that has an animal on it and make a donation of $1-2.  Could be a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, etc.  Students can color an animal and cut it out and tape it on their shirt instead of going out to buy one for the day.  

The students that came up with the idea were particularly touched by the fate of the Ringed Seal.

Here is some information regarding the Ringed Seal:

The Ringed Seal makes its home way up in Canada’s frozen north, spending lots of time on the sea ice found throughout the Arctic. It hunts on the ice, sleeps on the ice, and even has its babies on the ice! In fact, sea ice is so important to the Ringed Seal that it’s even developed adaptations that help it survive – like the long sharp claws it uses to dig holes through ice up to 6 feet thick!

Unfortunately the amount of sea ice in the Arctic is decreasing, and this could mean big trouble for the Ringed Seal. That’s where you come in, Earth Ranger!

Together with the W. Garfield Weston Foundation and the University of Manitoba, we’re working on a project that will…

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Parent Teacher Interviews- March 7-8, 2019

We would like all parents to go online and book your child(ren)’s time(s).  If you didn’t create an account in November you will have to do that now.  If you created an account in November just login and book your appointment.


Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for March 7-8, 2019.  There are also times available to meet with some teachers during the week to help accommodate all parents.

Here is the link with all the information you need to register and book your interview time.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Here also is the link to the School Appointments website


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Pink Shirt Day

Hello Parents/Guardians,

Staff and students at Donagh Regional will be participating in pink shirt day on Wednesday, Feb 27th.  We encourage all staff and students to wear a pink shirt.

The following link provides some information on pink shirt day.


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H and S

Home and School meeting on January 15th in the library at 6:30 PM.  All are welcome!

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