PSB Back to School Message

Dear PSB Families –

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are excited to be returning to in-person learning in schools next week and look forward to seeing your children.  All schools have been working hard to prepare for the return to school and will provide you with specific details about your child’s school.  

We would like to provide you with some information that applies to all 56 schools in the Public Schools Branch.

Back To School Website – All school operational plans can be found on the Back to School Website.

Communication with Parents – Schools work hard to provide excellent communication and information to parents on a wide variety of school specific matters.  The PSB will provide parents with  system related information through the following.  Check us out!

PSB website (

PSB Facebook (

PSB Instagram (

PSB Twitter (

Pre-Screening your Children – Every morning we ask that you check-in with your child to see how they are feeling.  Your school will provide you with a pre-screening checklist that will help to decide if your child should come to school.  If your child is feeling unwell and is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that they stay home and suggest you call 811 or your healthcare provider for information.  The pre-screening checklists can also be found on the PSB website and PSB social media.

At School – If you child feels unwell while at school, a staff person will call you and ask you to come pick up your child.  If the child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, the school will suggest you call 811 or your healthcare provider.  If your child is advised to get tested for COVID-19, your child must remain home until a negative result is found.  Others in the household do not need to self-isolate at this time.  If your child is not tested for COVID-19, they should still remain home until symptoms improve and they are feeling well.  We appreciate your support with these unexpected circumstances.

COVID-19 Positive Case in Schools – Schools and the PSB have developed a protocol in the event of a student or staff person testing positive for COVID-19.  This would include timely communication with those impacted, working collaboratively with CPHO to determine contact tracing and case-by-case decision making on if classes, cohorts or schools would need to remain home.  

Contact Information – Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date at your school.  It is important that the school can reach you or a caregiver for your child when necessary.  

Alternate Arrangements Sometimes unpredictable events occur that require your child to go home from school early.  Please ensure alternate arrangements are made in the event that your child needs to go home when feeling unwell or in the event of an early school closure due to a power outage, inclement weather, etc.. 

Visitor’s in Schools – Schools remain welcoming environments to students, staff and visitors.  With our ongoing focus on student and staff safety, visitors in schools will be reduced and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We encourage parents and other visitors to limit the number of visits to schools.

Meet the Staff Events – Many schools usually host mid-September “Meet the Staff” events to provide parents an opportunity to meet the staff at each school.  At this time, PSB schools will not be hosting in-person events.  If you have questions or concerns, we encourage parents to reach out to their child’s teacher.

Masks in Schools – Please visit the PSB Guidelines for Return to School 2020 to see the new masking guidelines.  It will be important for us all to work together to help students understand the guidelines.  Please purchase a personal, non-medical mask for your child and talk to them about wearing it. Please watch these videos with your children before school!

Mask Video 1 –

Mask Video 2 –

Before/After school activities – All before and after school activities have been “paused” during the school start up.  Schools will communicate further when this changes.

Helpful Videos – A few other videos that you may find helpful are below.  Please take some time to watch them with your children.

Back to School Info –

Younger children –

Older children – 

Physical Distancing –

Thank you for your ongoing support with Back to School 2020!  See you soon!

Public Schools Branch


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Kindergarten Tour

Kindergarten Tour – September 2nd, 2020
Parents of incoming kindergarten students,
We are very excited to have your child start their school experience with us at Donagh Regional. We realize that this is an unusual year and that we were not able to provide you with our regular Welcome to Kindergarten night and our orientation day.  We hope you had a chance to use the WTK bags provided in the Spring.
We understand how important it is for the students to meet their teacher and see their new school before it officially starts so we are having a meet and tour on September 2nd, 2020
The tour will be done in 2 groups.
Mrs. Collin’s class (KA) will start at 6:00 pm. Mrs. Cox’s class will start at 6:30 pm.  The classes will then be divided in 1/2 and we will give the student and parent a tour of the school and a ride on a school bus.
You will be contacted by September 1st to inform you of what class your child is in.
Due to Covid – 19 restrictions we are asking that only 1 parent accompany the student. Please bring a mask for the student and parent.  Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entering the building.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child to Donagh Regional.

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Key information and the Donagh Operational Plan

Good Morning Parents/Guardians,

We are excited to welcome students back on September 8th and look forward to seeing everyone.  School operational plans have been developed and will be followed throughout the school year.  Some key points are listed below as well as a link to Donagh Regional’s plan.

 Cohort Information

Cohort A- 6A, 6Y

Cohort B- 4Y, 5A

Cohort C- 4A, 3A

Cohort D- 2A, KA

Cohort E- KB, 1A, 2Y

Please note teachers will be calling home on Sept 1 and Sept 2 to inform you of your child’s class for the 2020-2021 school year.

Arrival Information

There will be two staff/administrators on duty.

One will be assigned to the Student Bus Drop Off area.

The other will be assigned to the Parent Student Drop Off Area.

Teachers will be in their classrooms to receive students as they arrive.


All buses arriving at the school will remain parked with doors closed until the administrator/ staff on duty instructs the bus to open doors.

  • Staggering of disembarking of buses will take place and will be directed by the duty person.
  • Duty staff will be strongly encouraged to wear medical masks while on duty.
  • Duty staff will board bus and encourage students to keep their masks on and to go directly to their cohort doors.
  • Non-medical masks can be removed once a student arrives at their class.

 Parent drop off

All cars arriving at the school between 8:20-8:40 A.M. will remain parked at the curb side until they are instructed to move by the staff person on duty. Cars will be directed to pull up one at a time to drop off students once the student is dropped off parents can continue to drive through the staff parking lot to exit.  Reminder no cars are allowed to pull up in the bus unloading area.

  • Duty staff will be strongly encouraged to wear masks while on duty.
  • Duty staff will encourage and remind students to keep their non-medical masks on to go directly to their cohort doors.
  • Non-medical masks can be removed once a student arrives at their class.

Dismissal Information


  • Students will be dismissed by cohorts at staggered times beginning at 2:35 p.m.
  • All students and staff will be encouraged to wear non-medical masks.
  • Parents are not permitted in the bus area at any time
  • We will not be issuing bus passes this year except in cases involving primary childcare. Focus will be on not providing bus passes for travel that does not pertain to immediate childcare. (birthday party, hockey practice, etc)

Parent Pick Up

Parents will pull into the student drop off/pick up area.

Pick up time is 2:45 P.M.

  • Students will be dismissed after busses depart.
  • A designated pick up area at the main entrance to the school will be available for picking up students.
  • Parents are not permitted inside the school.
  • Parents will remain in their vehicle during pick up where possible.

Chances Pick Up– Parents will enter the main doors and sign in/out form and sanitize hands and are strongly encouraged to wear a mask before getting their child from Chances.

Notes to Office

  • Administrative assistants will collect returned forms or paperwork from classes.
  • All departure/arrival information for students MUST be phoned into the office.  We will not be accepting notes from home.

Visitors to the School

  • Where possible, visitors will remain in their vehicle.
  • If a visitor needs to come into the school, there will be a Visitor Welcome Area located in the lobby just inside the main doors.  Hand sanitizer will be available and a sign encouraging the use of masks. Visitors once sanitizing their hands will go directly into the main office.
  • Administrative Assistant will be responsible for screening all visitors to the building and ensuring the visitor(s) sign the contact tracing log in/out with the declaration.
  • Administrative Assistant will review the guidelines and protocols of the school presently in place.
  • Where possible the Administrative Assistant will escort/direct the visitor to their location within the building to minimize interactions while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.
  • Visitors will be strongly encouraged to wear a non-medical mask.
  • The visitor zone will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

School Supplies

Thank you to those who paid via the hotlunch program back in July.

A new online order for the school supply fee is open at hotlunches for those that didn’t get a chance to pay.  You can also pay at the beginning of the year however we are trying to limit visitor access to the school so would prefer the fee to be paid through hotlunches.

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Grade 6 Closing

It is our pleasure to inform all of you about our grade 6 closing here at Donagh Regional.  Guidelines from CPHO  need to be followed and we want to do what we can to make the day enjoyable for the grade 6 students. 
This is what we have planned:

-We will be celebrating on June 26th at 12 noon.
-Each student may be accompanied by two guests (maximum of three people including the student.)  This needs to be respected as we have number restrictions.

-All students and two guests will line up behind the school (3-4 playground area) at a pylon.  Staff will be in the area to instruct you.  When you arrive to the school you can park in the staff parking lot as well as bus parking lot.  When you exit the car go toward the back of the school. 

-Students will enter the Gym by the side door; guests to follow.  This will take place one family at a time.

-Each student’s name will be announced and he/she will proceed to the stage; walk onto the stage; pick up his/her Grade Six Certificate from his/her teacher and exit the stage (guest can take pictures.)   

-On the stage the student can have his/her picture taken with his/her teacher while maintaining social distancing,  if desired.

-The student and guests will exit the Gym. The student may join his classmates in the designated area for a treat and mingle while practicing social distancing (apprx 20-30 min).  Guests will return to their vehicles and wait for their student.
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Plan for Student Personal Items/Report Card Pick Up

Hello Parents/Guardians,

We are now able to provide you with student personal items and second term report cards.  Teachers will be in to pack up the items on Tuesday and on Wednesday, May 27th you will be able to come to the school to retrieve the items.

Our plan is to do a drive thru pick up.  When you pull up to the school someone will hand you your child’s items.  If you have 2-3 children in the school we ask that you come during the pick up time for your oldest child.  At that time you will receive all the packages for your children.


Wednesday, May 27

9:00 a.m – 11:00 a.m –  KA (Mrs. Collins), KB (Mrs. Dalziel), 1A (Mrs. Doyle), 2Y (Mrs. Myers), 2A (Ms. Duffy), 3A (Ms. Graham)

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m –  4A (Mrs. Arbing) 4Y (Mr. Knox), 5A (Mrs. Cox), 6Y (Mr. Quinn), 6A (Mr. Hennessey)


Have a great weekend,


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