Parent Teacher Conference Information

Hello Parents/Guardians,

I wanted to inform you of the changes this year in regards to parent teacher interviews.

Entrance/Exit for parents:

Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Cox parents will use the South doors located by their classrooms which exit to the K-2 playground area.

Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Arbing, Ms. Graham, Mrs. Collins, Mr. Knox parents will use the main doors at the front of the school.

Mr. Hennessey, Mr. Quinn, Mrs. MacKinnon parents will use the North doors located by their classrooms which exit out to the ball field.

Due to Covid we have the following rules to follow:

– For in-person interviews, only one parent/guardian per child will be in attendance.

– No students or other children should be in attendance.

– If a parent/guardian is not able to attend in-person alternative arrangements should be made.
– All staff and parents are required to wear non-medical masks, except when seated a minimum of 6-feet apart during the interview.
– Hand sanitizer should be provided and its use promoted at entrances, exits and other common areas throughout the school.
– Parents should be asked to limit their time at the school to the interviews in order to minimize the number of people in the school at a given time.  Our interviews are 15 min within a 20 Min block of time to allow for the teacher to sanitize. Please be on time for your interview and wait for the teacher to call you in.
– Student-led conferences should not be held at this time.
– Parents should be made aware of the layout and flow measures, so they are comfortable with where to go for the interviews.
– Parents are not required to sign in at the entrance but are expected to sign in with every teacher they meet. 
-Expectation is to maintain physical distancing between parents from different households and between parents and teachers.
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