Lunch Program 2020-21

Hello Everyone,

As mentioned in a previous email we will have two different lunch programs offered this year.

Our hotlunch platform  is used to order milk,  Dominos, Subway and possibly Friday H/S hot lunches and will continue to follow a 2 week schedule.  The schedule for Sept 14-25 is now open and closes on Monday, Sept 14 at 8 a.m.

The new lunch program found at will also be used. Ordering for the first schedule Sept 14-25 closes on Sept 11th.

You will need to register for both programs and both offer lunches two weeks at a time.  Holy Cow out of Morell is our vendor for the peischoolfood program.  You can order lunches from both programs depending on the choices your child prefers and you could in fact order from both on the same day if you prefer.  Milk is ordered strictly through hotlunches.

For issues regarding the PEI school food and you need to reach support staff, they can by email at or by calling 902-438-4895.

For issues regarding hotlunches you can contact the school.


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