Friday, March 1st- Animal Clothing Day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This Friday, March 1st we will be doing a small fund raiser to raise money for Earth Rangers.  The Earth Rangers recently visited Donagh Regional and delivered a message about conservation and the protection of wild animals.  After the assembly I was approached by a couple students from Mrs. Cox’s class.  They were keen to get involved and came up with the idea to have a fund raiser.  All money will be donated to Earth Rangers!

This Friday, March 1st we are asking students and staff to wear clothing that has an animal on it and make a donation of $1-2.  Could be a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, etc.  Students can color an animal and cut it out and tape it on their shirt instead of going out to buy one for the day.  

The students that came up with the idea were particularly touched by the fate of the Ringed Seal.

Here is some information regarding the Ringed Seal:

The Ringed Seal makes its home way up in Canada’s frozen north, spending lots of time on the sea ice found throughout the Arctic. It hunts on the ice, sleeps on the ice, and even has its babies on the ice! In fact, sea ice is so important to the Ringed Seal that it’s even developed adaptations that help it survive – like the long sharp claws it uses to dig holes through ice up to 6 feet thick!

Unfortunately the amount of sea ice in the Arctic is decreasing, and this could mean big trouble for the Ringed Seal. That’s where you come in, Earth Ranger!

Together with the W. Garfield Weston Foundation and the University of Manitoba, we’re working on a project that will…

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