After School Badminton Season: This program will run to the end of April. It will include a Zone 4 Northern Meet at Moreel School and then a Zone 4 meet at Souris Regional School for those students who qualify. Students are asked to bring shorts or tights, a light t-shirt, outdoor running shoes, and a water bottle for practice.

A consent form went home and students must have this signed and returned before they can stay after school for practice. Students must also bring a note on the days they are staying after school.

After school practice will be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:10PM – 3PM

After School Soccer Season at Cardigan School will start on Wednesday, October 10th. This will run until the first of November. Again on days 1, 3 & 5 Monday – Thursday from 2:10-3PM. Please be reminded that each student need a note every time they are staying after school for soccer.

Mr. Roberts:
Cross Country starts off our athletic season at Cardigan Consolidated!


Track & Field:
will begin on Wednesday, May 9 and continue every day 1,3 & 5 afterschool and during recess until the end of the school year. Again Students MUST have the permission form signed and passed into Mr. Roberts before they can participate and also must have a note for each time they are staying afterschool. Students can bring a note in to cover all the days after school for the season.
Has begun for Grades 4-6. It runs afterschool from 2:10PM-3PM. The zone meet is on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at Morrell Consolidated School. Further details will follow.


Has begun for Grades 3-6 and runs Monday through Thursday, on Days 1,3 & 5. After school from 2:10PM – 3PM. Zone meet is scheduled for Monday, February 5th, 2018. More details will follow.


Indoor Basketball
will be starting on Monday, November 27th. Students interested in participating please get a permission form from Mr. Roberts. A friendly reminder that students wishing to stay after school do need a note each day.




Soccer is continuing for the month of November. We have had wonderful weather to get out and play outside. We will be starting Basketball on December. Details will follow.


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