School Calendar

School Calendar for the 2017-2018 School Year
1 Orientation Day for teachers (no classes)
4 Labour Day (no classes)
5 Orientation for teachers/Professional Learning Day (no classes)
7 First Instructional Day for students
19 Meet the Staff Night/Family Fun Night (6 PM)

6 PD Day (no classes)
9 Thanksgiving (no classes)
19-20 PEITF Annual Convention/CUPE Annual Convention (no classes)
27 School Photos

3 PD Day (no classes)
13 Remembrance Day (no classes)
15 Report Cards Home
16 Parent Teacher Interviews K-6 (afternoon and evening)
17 Parent Teacher Interviews K-6 (no classes)

14  Christmas Concert
18  Christmas Concert (Storm Date)
22  Last Instructional Day for 2016

3 First Instructional Day for 2017
31 End of semester PD Day (no classes)

16 PD Day (no classes)
19 Islander Day (no classes)
28 Report cards go home

1 Parent Teacher Interviews (afternoon & evening)
2 Parent Teacher Interviews (K-9) (no classes)
6 PD Day (no classes)
26-29 Mid term break (no classes)
30 Good Friday (no classes)

2 Easter Monday (no classes)
3 Mid term break (no classes)
13 Professional Learning Day (no classes)

4 Area Association Professional Development Day/CUPE 3260 Annual Convention
(no classes)
21 Victoria Day (no classes)
24 Welcome to Kindergarten

1 Kindergarten Orientation
26 Grade 6 closing at 6:00 p.m.
27 Last Instructional day. Report cards for grades 1-11
29 Last school day for teachers and 10 month non-instructional staff

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