We would like to welcome Ashley Paquet who will be teaching Kindergarten for the remaider of the year while Mrs. B is on Maternity Leave.

We would like to welcome Tory Johnston who is an EA and will be at our school for the remainder of the year while Alisha VanIderstine is on Maternity Leave.

Cardigan School Staff 2018-2019

Lisa Myers Roche: Principal
Roy Power: Vice-Principal
Lisa Whelan: Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff:
Sherri Boutilier: Kindergarten
Jennifer Stewart: Grade ½
Roy Power: Grade 2/3
Elizabeth MacKenzie: Grade 4/5
Lisa Myers Roche: Grade 5/6
Elizabeth MacKenzie: Core French Grade 4,5,& 6
Sarah Stewart: Math Grade 5
Jody MacKinnon: Math Grade 4
Natalie Hardy: Music
Bret Roberts: Physical Education
Pam MacLeod: Resource
Kathy Kiley: School Counselor (Days 2 & 4 and Day 1 PM only)
Sherri Boutilier: Librarian

Educational Assistants:
Henrietta McAree
Jillian Maguire
Angela Palmer
Denise Carroll
Denise McGillivray

Custodian Staff:
Tammy Gardiner

Bus Drivers:
Peggy Brown(621) Michelle Myers (464)
Walter Shaw (470) Tina Young (407)

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