September 8th: Birchwood School Year Start & Orientation

As we approach the start of another school year, we eagerly look forward to welcoming our Birchwood students back! Orientation can be overwhelming for new students during a normal back to school year; therefore, with our current situation we feel that the grade 7 students have an orientation day by themselves.

The original plan was to have grade 7 orientation day on September 1st. This has now been changed.

On Tuesday, September 8th we will welcome our grade 7 students only.  This day will allow grade 7 students to familiarize themselves with our daily routines as well as the guidelines laid out in Birchwood’s Operational Plan for Covid-19. A more detailed explanation of the day will be sent out later this week.

Our grade 8 and 9 students will have their first day on Wednesday, September 9th and will receive their orientation at that time.

We look forward to getting the school year underway and working with all of you.

Birchwood Admin

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