Grade 7/8 Report Card Pickup & Grade 9 Graduation

Parents and Guardians, 

  • Grade 7/8 Report Cards
    • A reminder that grade 7 pickup is between 9:00 -10:30 and grade 8 from 10:30 till 12 noon. We will mail those report cards that are not picked up. Another reminder to please return items like library books, textbooks, and uniforms.

Grade 9 Graduation:

The plan has two components:

  1. The first component is a digital production featuring  a montage of videos and images to commemorate the year.  Click the links below for the grade 9 videos,
    1. Grade 9 Grads 2020
    2. Congratulations Grads
  2. The second component features a drive through certificate pick-up and photo opportunity. Cars will proceed into our parking lot by homeroom.  One student and their immediate family will exit their vehicle, take their certificate/program off of the display table and proceed to the photo area. Click the link below for the traffic plan:
  3. Birchwood Traffic Plan
  4. We would ask that you make private arrangements to celebrate with extended family at an alternate location.  A photographer will capture images that will be shared with families.
  5. The drive through will take place on June 23rd and June 24th.
  • June 23rd
    • 9A 430-5:30
    • 9B 5:30- 6:30
    • 9C 6:30- 7:30
  • June 24th
    • 9D 4:30-5:30
    • 9E 5:30-6:30
    • 9F 6:30-7:30

*Rain dates June 25th and June  26th..

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