Birchwood Yearbook Information

While we cannot all be together in the school, the yearbook committee is still working from home in order to create a yearbook showing how we are all together through this and how we have been together through the year. And the events of today are an important part of our year and needs to be noted within the pages of our yearbook.

We need your help to showcase as many students as we can. This includes any pictures you may have of school events from September until March break as well as photos of what students are doing during their time at home to stay busy, to practice social distancing, what they miss about school and how they are staying connected and active.

Photos can be submitted 3 ways:
  1. Through our ReplayIt app download here:
  2. Sending them directly to
  3. Submitting photos online through our google form
Another email will be sent out to grade 9 students and parents with a link to submit their grade 9 quote. Please check for the email and take some time to fill out the form!
Our yearbook deadline is not until June 1st but the sooner we can get your pictures, the sooner we can add them to the yearbook. Don’t forget to purchase your yearbook online HERE .
Birchwood Yearbook Committee
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