Mary’s Journey

Mary MacDonald is a grade 7 student in Ms. Myers’ homeroom. Every day, for over the past year, Mary receives an anti-fungal medication that protects her lungs from getting an infection. Mary is being treated for acute myloid leukemia. Her story will be among many told during the annual QEH/Eastlink Telethon later this month. The telethon will highlight the high level of care provided at the hospital. Birchwood students are collecting recyclables and some of these proceeds will be going towards the QEH Telethon in Mary’s honour. As part of a language arts project, Ms. Myers asked Mary to summarize a novel. Mary did better than that. She had her friend Eddy Quinn, of Fiddler’s Sons, help to create this song called, “I am Your Brother”.  Mary and her family have been huge fans of Eddy’s band, and he’s helped along the way with fundraising efforts for Mary. As a result of their friendship, a beautiful song was created for her class, 7-1. Please have a listen. These lyrics are based on the novel, Terror 9/11, and it is about a strong bond between a brother and little sister.
(Book summary by Mary MacDonald & song lyrics by Eddy Quinn)
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