Thursday, April 21, 2016 – Day 6


  • Intramurals: Open gym
  • Students should keep listening for announcements on practice times for upcoming school sports: football, girls softball, track & field.


  • All grade 9 students please check your school gmail accounts to vote for Mr. & Mrs Birchwood 2015/16 for the yearbook.
  • Friday, April 22 is a bowling day! If you’re a helper and would like to go, you must see Ms.MacPherson before noon on Thursday.
  • Book Inventory will take place first thing Monday morning. If students have lost a text book they are encouraged to find it by Monday!!


  • Jazz Band meets at lunch today for rehearsal.
  • Birchwood Concert will be meeting at noon tomorrow.


  • Monday: Home made beef & macaroni with garlic bread & Caesar salad.
  • Tuesday: Hot chicken with mashed potato & veg.
  • Wednesday: Sweet & sour chicken with rice.
  • Thursday: Chicken Stir Fry with Rice.
  • Friday: Baked fish with mashed potato & veg.
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