Wellness Presentation 6:30 Tonight

Anxiety, Coping and Healthy Relationships


Time: 6:30PM -8:30PM

Jaime Griffin of Women’s Network PEI will lead a session on Healthy Relationships. She will examine what healthy (and unhealthy) relationships look like. You will learn parenting skills from a strength based approach to enhance your communication with your child. There will be time for conversation and handouts for participants to take home.Susana Rutherford and her colleague Lacey, recent graduates of the Holland College Nursing Program, will lead participants through defining anxiety, defining what is normal anxiety and what may be cause for concern; how to cope and how to be resilient. Participants will leave with a “toolbox” of positive coping strategies for them and their child.

Both presentations will share community resources available locally, with a focus on what parents CAN do for their child.

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