Pathways Youth Program Needs Funding

The Pathways Youth Program has been in operation for the past 10 years attempting to provide a much needed service to Charlottetown’s adolescent population. The youth program provides a free, safe place for teenagers to congregate, play sports, eat healthy meals, and develop positive relationships with peers and adults, alike during the summer months.

While the Pathways Youth Program has always attracted a diverse group of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16, the free camp certainly attempts to reach out to adolescents with low socio-economic backgrounds, physical and mental disorders, and unstable home environments. More recently, immigrants and refugees from all over the world including Asia, Africa, and South America, have found a safe, welcoming environment at the camp. For most kids, the camp is a healthy alternative to the lure of the city streets. The diverse make-up of the program also seems to lead to a very welcoming and accepting atmosphere for all participants.

Pathways Youth Program has largely been financially supported by our own fundraising activities, and help from various businesses, government agencies, community members, and non-profit organizations.  This year, with many charities competing for these dollars, Pathways runs the risk of not being offered.  Many at-risk youth have come to rely on the safe haven thatPathways provides.

Pathways Youth Program

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